God’s To Do List

I am continuing my reading through Acts today and 11:17 struck this chord in me….”How many times do I stand in God’s way?”  Peter was justifying his conduct with the gentiles, whom he had just baptized, to the apostles and brothers in Judea. Basically, he was explaining why he had acted the way he did and in verse 17 comes to the realization that “God was giving them the identical gift he gave to us when we believed in the Lord Jesus Christ; and who was I to stand in God’s way?”  Although, I have never baptized anyone, or even more, had to justify why I baptized someone, those words “who was I to stand in God’s way” jumped out at me like a 4th of July rocket!!  I try to be open to God’s will, His plan for my life but I always have a running to do list – my agenda for the day!  I, many times, get annoyed or frustrated when I’m trying to neatly check off my tasks and life gets in the way – someone needs to eat; or someone has a scrape or cut and needs a bandaid; or someone is trying to make a slumber party plan, etc.  You get the picture.  I mean, after all, my to do list is usually not for me!!  It’s getting those clothes washed and folded, unpacking boxes from a move that happened one year ago or organizing our homeschool library!  I’ve always said that God could be found in the interruptions in my day – that is God’s to do list – that’s where His will is for me – so am I annoying God?

Lord, let me see you in ALL that I do today.  Give me the grace to be truly present with those around me.  To do lists come and go, but memories with my family will last forever!  Help me to be more like Mary and less like Martha and “choose the better part” (Luke 10:39-42), even if it’s NOT on my to do list.  Let me DO your list!!

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