The Mystery of Parenthood I have always enjoyed watching mystery television shows or movies.  I believe most people have the same attraction.  One of the main reasons is that in good mysteries all viewers have access to the same clues that the detective has access to.  As such, I’ve always enjoyed trying to figure out who done it before the end of show.  It drives my wife crazy. In a … [Read More...]

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Podcast – Episode 37 – Pope Francis’s Letter to Families

Listen as Trey and Stephanie discuss the most recent letter to families from Pope Francis.  Why is the Pope addressing families?  What can we learn from his letter?  What does he want from us? Also, listen as they answer a question from a listener regarding how moms and dads from different … [Read More...]

Are You an Evangelical Parent?

Trey was a guest on Relevant Radio's Morning Air this morning discussing Evangelical Parenthood with Sean Herriott.  Check out the archives for Morning Air. the interview occurred at 6:34 am this morning - Thursday, February 13. Additionally, we wrote a column over at Austin Catholic New Media … [Read More...]

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Evangelical Parenthood: Readiness for Dialogue Post over at Austin Catholic New Media

Pope Francis has told us that we must be known for having an attitude of readiness for dialogue if we are going to be successful evangelists, if we are going to be Evangelical Parents.  Do your children know you as someone who is ready to talk to them about whatever is important to them, whenever it … [Read More...]

Discipline and Being a Disciplinarian

Trey was a guest on Relevant Radio's Morning Air this morning discussing "discipline".  You can listen to the interview by going to Relevant Radio and finding the archives for Morning Air.  He was on from 6:30 to 6:50 am CST.  To see an overview of this topic in a written format, check out our new … [Read More...]


To Someone I Love: “He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not”

In my mind, I see a young girl with a daisy, picking pedals from the flower.  The first pedal is removed, followed by the words, "He loves me".  The second one is plucked, "He loves me not".  The … [Read More...]

To Someone I Love

There are so many things that I want to say.  I love you.  God loves you more.  He has a great and wonderful plan for your life.  He knows, better than I, that you are unique and unrepeatable.  For … [Read More...]