To Someone I Love: “He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not”

In my mind, I see a young girl with a daisy, picking pedals from the flower.  The first pedal is removed, followed by the words, “He loves me”.  The second one is plucked, “He loves me not”.  The third, “He loves me”… and so, and so on, until the last one is plucked.  All to determine whether the boy loves her or not.  Does he love me or doesn’t he?  That’s the question.

The entirety of your outlook on life depends on where you end up on this question.  Not whether the boy loves you, but rather whether God loves you or not.  Everything else follows from this simple question, which you must answer for yourself.  I’ve told you already that I believe that He does, but what I believe doesn’t matter, really.  You have to come to that conclusion yourself.  The answer to this question will determine the trajectory of your life.  It will determine how you respond to your successes, to your gifts, and to the events of your life – the ups and the downs.  It will determine the life you lead.  It will determine what you do in this life.  It will determine what will happen when you die.  Ultimately, there is no more important question for you to answer in this life.  What will I be when I grow up?  What school will I attend?  Will I pass the test I have tomorrow?  Who will I marry?  Will I marry at all?  How will we afford raising these children? Will we have enough money to retire when we reach 65?  Will we have enough to pay next month’s mortgage?  Where and how will we spend our retirement?  Why did she have to die?  Will I have to suffer much before I die?  What happens when I die? All of these questions will be important ones to answer.

Life is full of questions.  Questions occupy every day of your life.  But, none of them compare to this one question.  All of them pale to the question, “Does God love me?”  That is, does He love you personally, really, and intimately.   You with all of your gifts and talents.  You with all of the frailties and insecurities that you alone know about.  YOU!

I beg you to stop asking these other questions until you answer this most important of questions.  This is the fulcrum of all questions – the one that tips the scales one way or another.  It is the question of a lifetime,  It is the question where the rubber meets the road.  You need the answer.

So, does He love you? Or, does He love you not?

Someone Who Loves You

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