Episode 26 – Setting Your Family Ablaze: 4 Keys to Enkindling God’s Gifts in our Homes – Part 1

God provides us with many gifts – Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Church, the Faith, the Sacraments, our children, etc., etc..  We must receive them and then stir them into a flame so that our light might so shine before men and those who see the flame may give glory to God.  Using the acronym and the image Fire, we discuss the first two letters of the acronym – F for Faith and I for Integration – and their importance in setting our homes ablaze. In today’s show,we discuss practical ways of conveying both faith in Jesus and faith in the faith He has revealed through everyday occurrences.  We also discuss how and why we, as parents, must integrate our beliefs into everyday life – that is, how and why we must live our faith openly.

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