Podcast – Episode 37 – Pope Francis’s Letter to Families

Listen as Trey and Stephanie discuss the most recent letter to families from Pope Francis.  Why is the Pope addressing families?  What can we learn from his letter?  What does he want from us?

Also, listen as they answer a question from a listener regarding how moms and dads from different families of origin (i.e. strict vs. permissive) can still work together and learn from each other as they raise their children.http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-mystery-image28583466

Are You an Evangelical Parent?

Trey was a guest on Relevant Radio’s Morning Air this morning discussing Evangelical Parenthood with Sean Herriott.  Check out the archives for Morning Air. the interview occurred at 6:34 am this morning – Thursday, February 13.

Additionally, we wrote a column over at Austin Catholic New Media regarding the first attitude of Evangelical Parenthood – Approachability.  Do you your children come to you with their most difficult and intimate questions?  Are you approachable?  If not or if you don’t know, read our post at the following link.


Podcast – Episode 35 – ADHD and Parenting: A Catholic Perspective from Dr. Joseph White

Trey and Stephanie discuss ADHD with Catholic Psychologist and ADHD Expert, Dr. Joseph White.  Listen as Dr. White helps us understand how to deal most effectively with children diagnosed with ADHD.  He discusses the frequent misconception that ADHD is a myth.  Together, Dr. White and the Cashions provide practical ways of handling children diagnosed with this disorder.

Podcast – Episode 34 – What Every Kid Should Know Before They Leave Home

Listen as Trey and Stephanie discuss the 5 things that every child should know before they leave home, including teaching your children that God desires them to become themselves.


Episode 33 – Mystery of Parenthood Parenting Open Forum

family2This show is an open forum with questions provided by our listeners.  In this show, we address handling/preventing temper tantrums, dealing with small children at Mass, and handling the difficult situation of explaining divorced grandparents to children.

Episode 32 – Mystery of Parenthood Podcast – Laying the Groundwork for “THE TALK”

family2Listen as we discuss laying the groundwork in the early years of parenthood for having “THE TALK” so that we can have a fruitful discussion about authentically Christian human sexuality with our children when appropriate.

Episode 31 – Setting Your Family Ablaze – Evangelization

family2We discuss where and how to evangelize in the family and in the culture.

Episode 30 – Setting Your Family Ablaze – Relationships

family2In this episode, using the “R” in the acronym FIRE which stands for Relationships, Trey and Stephanie discuss building relationships through time, trust, and authority in order that your family may be set ablaze and provide light to offset this present darkness.

Episode 29 – Setting Your Family Ablaze – Integration

In this podcast, we discuss practical ways to make the invisible visible – to live the faith, the Mystery of Parenthood.  How do you in your actions make the idea of “love” tangible in your home?  How about forgiveness or even the concept of order?  If we can make “love” concretely present to our spouses, to our children, then our families will be set ablaze, and we will be lights in this present darkness.family2

God’s To Do List

I am continuing my reading through Acts today and 11:17 struck this chord in me….”How many times do I stand in God’s way?”  Peter was justifying his conduct with the gentiles, whom he had just baptized, to the apostles and brothers in Judea. Basically, he was explaining why he had acted the way he did and in verse 17 comes to the realization that “God was giving them the identical gift he gave to us when we believed in the Lord Jesus Christ; and who was I to stand in God’s way?”  Although, I have never baptized anyone, or even more, had to justify why I baptized someone, those words “who was I to stand in God’s way” jumped out at me like a 4th of July rocket!!  I try to be open to God’s will, His plan for my life but I always have a running to do list – my agenda for the day!  I, many times, get annoyed or frustrated when I’m trying to neatly check off my tasks and life gets in the way – someone needs to eat; or someone has a scrape or cut and needs a bandaid; or someone is trying to make a slumber party plan, etc.  You get the picture.  I mean, after all, my to do list is usually not for me!!  It’s getting those clothes washed and folded, unpacking boxes from a move that happened one year ago or organizing our homeschool library!  I’ve always said that God could be found in the interruptions in my day – that is God’s to do list – that’s where His will is for me – so am I annoying God?

Lord, let me see you in ALL that I do today.  Give me the grace to be truly present with those around me.  To do lists come and go, but memories with my family will last forever!  Help me to be more like Mary and less like Martha and “choose the better part” (Luke 10:39-42), even if it’s NOT on my to do list.  Let me DO your list!!