Podcast 38: Approachability and Evangelical Parenthood

Are you an approachable parent?  Will your child come to you with her deepest and most intimate concerns?  You want her to because she will go somewhere for advice.  Make sure you are on her list of confidants.  Listen as Trey and Stephanie discuss ways of cultivating an attitude of approachability.  Become the Evangelical Parent God calls you to be!Mystery of Parenthood Podcast Logo

Are You an Evangelical Parent?

Trey was a guest on Relevant Radio’s Morning Air this morning discussing Evangelical Parenthood with Sean Herriott.  Check out the archives for Morning Air. the interview occurred at 6:34 am this morning – Thursday, February 13.

Additionally, we wrote a column over at Austin Catholic New Media regarding the first attitude of Evangelical Parenthood – Approachability.  Do you your children come to you with their most difficult and intimate questions?  Are you approachable?  If not or if you don’t know, read our post at the following link.


Episode 33 – Mystery of Parenthood Parenting Open Forum

family2This show is an open forum with questions provided by our listeners.  In this show, we address handling/preventing temper tantrums, dealing with small children at Mass, and handling the difficult situation of explaining divorced grandparents to children.

Episode 32 – Mystery of Parenthood Podcast – Laying the Groundwork for “THE TALK”

family2Listen as we discuss laying the groundwork in the early years of parenthood for having “THE TALK” so that we can have a fruitful discussion about authentically Christian human sexuality with our children when appropriate.

Episode 30 – Setting Your Family Ablaze – Relationships

family2In this episode, using the “R” in the acronym FIRE which stands for Relationships, Trey and Stephanie discuss building relationships through time, trust, and authority in order that your family may be set ablaze and provide light to offset this present darkness.

Episode 27 – Setting Your Family Ablaze – Relationships and Evangelization

family2We discuss dealing with family and friends that may allow your child to watch objectionable material.  We also discuss how to decide on whether to allow your child to watch a particular movie using resources like www.decentfilms.com and www.pluggedin.com.  We end the show discussing the need for and importance of strong relationships in setting your family on fire in order that the world might see your good works and give glory to God.  Enjoy.

Episode 25 – Building Family Unity Finale

Listen to our final show on building family unity.  We discuss the importance of adding more and more freedoms for your children as a means to building unity.  Family traditions and rituals are also discussed as important factors in creating unity at home.  How have you been able to increase family unity in your homes?  Please share.  God bless you all!

Episode 24 – Mystery of Parenthood Podcast – Building Family Unity Continued

Listen as we continue to discuss practical ways that you can implement tomorrow that will help build unity in your family.

Episode 23 – Building Unity in Your Family

During this podcast, we discuss how understanding the Mystery of Parenthood can help to build family unity.  Listen for practical tips that can be applied today in your family that will build unity and for the theology behind those tips – the Mystery of Parenthood.

Episode 21 – Mystery of Parenthood Podcast – Laundromats, the Holy Family, TOB, and Parenting

Who would ever think that Mystery of Parenthood could fit all of the following into one show?  Pope Francis, Laundromats, and Confession; St. Joseph and the Holy Family; and Theology of the Body and Parenting.  Check it out.